Clean Green | Laundry Certification Requirements

To become certified as Clean Green, a facility can follow one of two paths:

1. Perform listed best management practices (BMPs) and achieve water and energy use standards in accordance with millions of laundry pounds produced as shown on the table.

2. Perform a combination of BMPs considered more indicative of environmental stewardship and attain either water or energy standards.

Water and Energy Standards Laundry Certification Requirements

Water Standard
2.6 gal/lb. > 5M pounds annually
3.2 gal/lb. ≤ 5M pounds annually
Energy Standard
3,000 BTU/lb. > 5M pounds annually
3,700 BTU/lb. ≤ 5M pounds annually

Best Management Practices Laundry Certification Requirements

  • Boiler heat recovery or direct-fired hot water heater
  • Wastewater heat recovery
  • Wastewater pre-treatment (mechanical)
  • Wastewater pre-treatment (advanced)
  • Water reuse technology
  • Alternative energy – solar or geothermal
  • Energy audit (every three years)
  • Fleet vehicles, alternative fuels
  • Fleet vehicle route optimization
  • Low temperature detergent
  • NPE-free detergent
  • Preventative boiler or water heater maintenance program
  • Recycling program
  • Skylights or energy-efficient lighting
  • Slug discharge control plan or spill prevention plan